Our in-house SFX team gives us greater control over the creative process. By working closely with the SFX team, they can ensure that the Director's vision is fully realized and that the effects on projects are exactly as envisioned. This level of creative control can be difficult to achieve when outsourcing effects work to third parties.

Also, our in-house SFX team can save you time and money. By having a team dedicated to creating effects for your productions, you can avoid the need to outsource effects work, which can be time consuming and expensive. Additionally, having an in-house SFX team helps Finesse avoid delays that can occur when working with outside vendors.

With the increasing demand for high quality visual effects in film and television, we have a specialized SFX team that demonstrates our ability to create visually stunning productions. This helps us stand out and bet on the advertising industry.

Finally, having our SFX team in-house encourages collaboration and creativity within Finesse. The SFX team works closely with directors, dops, art, and producers to develop innovative ideas, creating a collaborative environment that can lead to innovative and disruptive projects.

In short, having our dedicated SFX team in-house gives Finesse greater creative control, cost savings, a competitive edge and a collaborative environment, ultimately leading to high-quality productions that stand out in a market saturated advertising.