Hunters of the Perfect Moment

Welcome to the world of high speed

Shooting high speed isn't an exact science, you have so many variables and so little time to shoot. In Finesse we combine the exact precision of Marvin® our Bolt® and the Phantom 4k Flex to achieve the impossible.

We are Finesse Films. We are the hunters of perfect moment.

What do we do?

Food Films & Table Top & Live Action.

We shoot commercials and films emphasizing High Speed Cinematography and impossible camera moves.

What do we offer?

Specialized team and experience.

We offer development of complete campaigns from creativity to production and post-production of any type of commercial productions.

Who are we?

Hunters of the Perfect Moment.

We are creators of experiences designed to inspire, fascinate and elevate each product to new boundiries.

We can shoot for you

TV & Digital & Print & BTS
Complete campaigns for your products.

Still photographs for your print campaigns.

High speed for your campaigns.

New formats.

Specialized team on your shoot for your product shots.

Any shots your mind can come up with.

Do you have any questions?

What kind of projects can you develop at Finesse Films?

At Finesse we work on any table top project, be it food, cosmetics or other, with our directors specialized in high-speed cinematography and all the equipment we have at our disposal: sets, Phantom Flex 4k camera, Motion Control, lights, equipped kitchen and a streaming system. We create slow motion shots, packshots, photography, digital and any other shot you can think of. We have a special effects team department in house made up of architects and engineers prepared to develop effects on set. We can also take care of the post-production and final masters delivery.

How many days of shooting do you usually do for a project? How many shots can be shot per day?

It depends on the project, number of shots and technical difficulty. Between 4 and 8 shots would be a viable average per day depending on its.

What is Studio Test Day?

The Finesse’s workflow implies a system in which, after receiving the agency/client brief, we start working on the project and make a previous test of the most difficult shots. We call it 'Studio Test Day' and on this day we shoot the high quality shots which allows us to present and discuss details with the client. This system saves the client time and money and guarantees the best results as there is no time for surprises during the shoot.

What facilities do you have?

Realizadores y fotógrafos de Table Top in house.

Realizadores y fotógrafos externos.
Marvin, el brazo de High Speed Motion Control XL.
Equipo de Efectos Especiales in-house
Cámara Phantom Flex 4k y Ópticas Prime.
2 Platos: 800 mts, 250 mts y 120 mts.
Camerinos, Cocina equipada, salas de producción y sala de clientes.
Sistema de streaming
Un equipo de Home Economist & FX especializado en producciones de Table Top High Speed Cinematography.

Do you do remote/streaming shoots?

Yes, we have an internal on-set streaming system that allows clients to follow the evolution of our table top shooting comfortably while saving time and money.

Can you provide photography services for graphic campaigns?

Yes, in Finesse we work with specialized photographers in slow motion, food and cosmetics and we have a technical equipment to develop print campaigns of table top.